Eventjini Moves to a New Office

By September 17, 2019 No Comments

“We are delighted to announce that Eventjini has recently moved to a new office which is situated in the RainTree Place in Chetpet housed on the 11th Floor. It is close to the city’s mains intersections. 

This move represents another significant milestone for our fast growing company. Procam team who have closely collaborated with us joined us for our inauguration. Vice President Kevin Pereira, Director of Business Developement Ashish Bhushan, Digital Head Shanu A John and Brand & Runners Engagement Manager Jayanti Poojari from Procam team have joined us to grace the occasion.

The new office space better accommodates our growing team and enables us to hire additional talent to continue to provide industry-leading support and service to our clients. We’ve only been in our new space for two weeks, but the Eventjini team is already feeling at home. We wanted to reflect Eventjini brand value and company culture into our work space. So we focused on embracing new-age designs spaces that inspire collaboration and having fun.

We have hired renowned architect and interior designers Paul Jacob and Tanuja Paul of Modarchs Consultants Chennai (P) Ltd to design our new office. Our new office space is a collaboration of creativity and fun; featuring natural elements like glass, steel, brick and wood. We choose a minimalist industrial open workspace. Interior rooms feature glass walls, which give them access to the natural light that streams into our open office workspace. 

Also there is a sunny terrace cafeteria featuring a great panoramic view of Chennai city to share the morning coffees, lunches, pizzas and desserts. Adjacent to our lunch space is the coolest place of our office with bean bags perfect for informal meetings. 

This being said, the 9th of September we started another chapter in our history. Thanks for joining us on this tour!”

Open Workspace


Communal Space


Conference Room


Work Zone


Communal Space




Work Zone




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