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Journey of an Intern to a Full Stack Developer at Eventjini

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This is the story of a young girl who used to like coding since her school days, and over the years, she knew that she wanted to make her career in this field.

Twenty-three-year-old Mythili was very motivated to work at a start-up. She felt her learning and career growth would be very steep and fast-paced in a startup environment. She also is a runner and Eventjini’s vision to become the “Leading Fitness Portal in India” was something that greatly appealed to her

Here is her journey at Eventjini from a fresh graduate to an innovative Full Stack developer at Eventjini.

Internship Success Story of Mythili at Eventjini


From where did you complete your graduation?

Mythili: I completed my B.Tech in Information Technology from Velammal Engineering College, Tamilnadu and graduated in the year 2018.

From internship to becoming an employee at Eventjini, tell us more about your journey.

M: I interned at Eventjini during Feb-May 2018. During this period I was given a chance to be part of the Eventjiniproduct team that was on the brink of launching a new and upgraded registration platform and gained plenty of real world experience.

Apart from this, I practiced coding on a lot of good websites like InterviewBit and Codeforces, and improved my knowledge on data structures and algorithms from various online sources. At the end of my internship period, I proved my worth as a potential Full Stack Developer and was offered the opportunity to be part of the Eventjini product team.

What’s the best thing about working at Eventjini?

M: The people that you get to work with, are all very smart. They have great knowledge, experience and intellect, and you can learn so many things from them.

For a person like me, just out of college, it was a thrill. I have learned so many things in the past nine months of my job.

During the internship, my manager and mentor gave me solid support. They trusted me a lot and assigned me with some critical tasks. I was also very impressed with Eventjini’s open and caring culture. 1:1 meetings with my manager and senior leadership were prioritized, and so long as they were available – they’d take the time to meet

The learning curve here is pretty amazing. The working environment was also very liberal. Everyone respects their fellow employees’ ideas and opinions. Even if you are just an intern, your ideas will have equal weightage, and that is the best part. You will be given the maximum exposure at work.

If somebody wants to pursue software engineer as a career, what tips would you like to share?

M: I would like to share these tips based on my personal experience:

  • Focus on the basics:Algorithms and data structures are the most important fields. All the interviews focus on these and require you to have in-depth knowledge. Competitive programming is a good way to achieve this, apart from others
  • Prepare smartly based on the company you are applying for: Different companies usually have different, but specific areas in which they focus on their interview and screening rounds. Look at previous questions on websites like GeeksforGeeks, CareerCup, etc. and understand the areas the company is focusing on
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to people: Reaching out to people can be very impactful. Referrals, mentorships, mock interviews, contacts, and tips are a few of the many things that you can reach out to your seniors for. Never hesitate to communicate with people, however random it may be.
  • Try to get real life experience: Internships teach you what kind of work you will be doing once you get a job. It taught me how the code should be written, how APIs are written and used, why documentation is so important, how the design process works, etc. Companies look for people who can write production code, and if you know some of the nitty-grities beforehand, it helps.

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