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Life as a Product Manager in Eventjini

By October 3, 2019 No Comments

Sabita Chowdhry’s Eventjini journey started in 2019 when she was looking for a new challenge in her professional life. “I wanted to work in a more dynamic and fast paced environment and at Eventjini, I can confirm that I found what I was looking for. I really found personal fulfillment here! Working in such changing environment and never getting bored is such a nice feeling.”

As a Product Manager, her responsibility is to ensure a great customer experience for customers using our booking portal to participate in various marathons and also to provide a seamless experience for Organizers to host their events in our platform”

One of Sabita’s proudest moments has been being part of the launch of the Tata Mumbai Marathon and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. “Being part of such a launch with my team is really gratifying. To see how my team and I have been growing since we started, makes me really happy. We have prepared our portal to handle the surge in ticketing volume and also provided a hiccup-free portal for the organizers to manage their events”

What Sabita likes the most about working at Eventjini is the no-limit culture, “Eventjini makes me feel that I can go as far as I want, there is no limit on career development. I am a very dynamic person and change has always been part of my way of life. Knowing that I can grow and stay in the same company makes me happy to work here.”

When asked to give advice for future Eventjinis, Sabita thinks that they should not be scared to fail. Additionally, she says, “Eventjini is a really young and fast-paced company. You should take advantage of these parts of our culture, and try to learn, work and enjoy as much as you can”

During her spare time, Sabita stays active. She likes attending yoga sessions and she is an active runner & avid marathoner.